What We’re Listening To This Week: The Outdoors Fix

Hello and welcome to our latest ‘What We’re Listening To This Week’ blog where we focus on a podcast, audiobook or album that has inspired us to get out into the great outdoors this week.

This week we’ve been listening to ‘The Outdoors Fix’ hosted by Liv Bolton. Each week this engaging and immersive podcast features a new guest from the British adventure scene. Covering a great range of topics from health and wellbeing to food, hiking groups and how to orientate your lifestyle towards the outdoors we’ve loved listening to Liv’s guests.

Liv Bolton is an outdoors-addict and journalist who started the podcast after completing an epic hike along the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand’s South Island. She hosts the podcast to help people find advice about how to make the outdoors more part of your day to day life.

The outdoors fix podcast by Liv Bolton

Why Do We Love This Podcast?

The adventure community can sometimes be a little bit daunting with so many amazing and inspirational adventurers sharing their travels on Instagram. But Liv’s podcast help make the outdoors accessible, she asks for great practical advice on getting the balance right, what the financial impact is and whether it’s feasible to have an outdoors career, long term.

Each guest talks about three people who have inspired them to get into the great outdoors. For us this is fantastic and has opened the door to some incredible stories and people – it’s because of the podcast featuring Nic Hardy that we started listening to Anna McNuff’s ‘The Pants of Perspective’ which is really awesome.

This Week’s Episode Binge

This week we’ve listened to three episodes from the series that have covered a varied range of topics including tackling health issues through fell walking, diversity in the outdoors community and completing 52 outdoors challenges in 52 weeks.

The outdoors fix podcast review, photo from Pixabay.com

‘Annie Ross: How 52 Challenges Can Change A Life’ aka @annieross5252, 15th Feb 2019

This episode features Annie Ross who left behind a position in Deutsche Bank’s London offices to pursue a career in the outdoors after completing an incredible 52 challenges in 52 weeks. Annie started the challenge in a bid to help people get active whilst maintaining a day job and the ‘eXerk’ project was open to anyone. Her challenges included swimming, half marathons, triathlons, bouldering and rollerblading along with loads other activities and over the course of a year over 450 people joined her on the challenges. It’s now led to Annie starting her own company along with other outdoor enthusiasts called Team52 which helps work teams increase performance and collaboration through challenges.

You can find out more about Annie Ross’ eXerk project here.

You can find podcast notes here.

‘Cooking in the fells with Harrison Ward aka @FellFoodie’, 13th July 2019

In this podcast Liv Bolton speaks to Harrison Ward who is better known on Instagram as @FellFoodie. Harrison talks about his journey from a 22 stone, 20 pints a day bar manager to an active fell runner who has a passionate following on Instagram where he showcases his love for cooking in the mountains.

It’s really admirable to hear Harrison talk about his difficulties with drinking and his previous lifestyle and his decision to completely change his life to be healthier. In his top three ‘most inspirational’ people was his friend Connor who introduced him to the Cumbrian Fells and bought him a pair of hiking shoes when he was flat broke and we thought that was just about the best thing that you can do for someone else. Not necessarily buying them shoes (although that’s great too, obviously) but helping to give someone the freedom to try new adventures, in Harrison’s case it obviously had a big impact.

You can find out more about @FellFoodie here.

You can find the podcast notes here.

The outdoors Fix podcast , climbers image from Pixabay.com

‘Zahrah Mahmood, aka ‘The Hillwalking Hijabi’’, @the_hillwalking_hijabi, 26th July 2019

The third episode which we loved featured Scottish hill walker Zahrah Mahmood. In their conversation Liv and Zahrah talk about how little diversity there is in the outdoors community and by sharing her experiences Zahrah encourages other Muslim women to try trekking.

After feeling stressed whilst studying for chartered accountant exams, a friend took Zahrah Mahmood for a hike in the Scottish mountains which opened up a whole world of outdoor adventures. She talks about how she noticed early on how few people like her there were in the hills and since then has tried to change this by inspiring beginners through great levels of engagement on social media and her blog. The podcast is great and you should definitely check out Zahrah’s Instagram account for some epic views and brilliant advice.

You can find out more about The Hillwalking Hijabi here.

You can find the podcast notes here.

We’d like to say a big thanks to Liv Bolton for her dedication on The Outdoors Fix, it’s a great listen and is super interesting.

We hope you love this podcast as much as we do, let us know if you check it out. Found a great podcast that’s inspired you to get into the great outdoors? We’d absolutely love to hear about it, just let us know!