What We’re Listening To This Week: Of Mountains and Minds

Hello and welcome to our latest ‘What We’re Listening To This Week’ blog where we focus on a podcast, audiobook or album that has inspired us to get out into the great outdoors over the past 7 days.

In this post we’re talking about the amazing ‘Of Mountains and Minds’ Podcast hosted by Caroline McKay. We found the Of Mountains and Minds podcast through one of our favourite instagram accounts and have been hooked ever since.

What’s The Podcast?

It’s a great podcast that showcases some really inspiring stories from well known ultra and adventure athletes and community influencers.

Carol McKay and her guests share stories of perseverance, endurance challenges and finding the right balance in life and mental health. If you spend a large proportion of your time in any outdoor pursuit then it’s fairly likely that you’ll find some hope, inspiration and support in these podcasts or simply find some awesome people to follow. Alongside the hour long podcast, Carol also runs a website where you can find notes for each blogpost that contain lots of info discussed in each episode – check it out here.

Of mountains and minds by Carol Mckay

This Week’s Episode Binge

This week we’ve listened to three episodes from the series that have each had guests and stories that have really stuck with us and we can definitely recommend giving them a listen.

‘A Conversation With Natalie Scroggie’ aka @thisvetruns, 28th June 2019

This episode features blogger, runner and veterinary surgeon Natalie Scroggie who talks about her experience of suffering a miscarriage whilst preparing to run the London Marathon. It was really inspiring to hear her talk openly about something that’s so difficult for couples and still has a crushing stigma in the 21st century. After realising that sharing her story helped her and others recover, Natalie is passionate about having more open conversation about miscarriages. The discussion also covers the difficulties of balancing exercise and training alongside work and shift patterns as well as the wellbeing benefits of running.

You can find out more about This Vet Runs here.

You can find Caroline’s podcast notes here.

‘A Conversation with Jeri Howland’ aka @bungalowmunch, 21st June 2019

Jeri Howland is one of those women that you find out about and you think, ‘Jees, I really hope I’m like that when I’m that age’. In this episode Carol talks to endurance athlete, grandmother and CEO Jeri Howland who at 63 continues to win podiums in triathlons. The discussion covers her inspiring life story spanning 40 years in competitive events, before women were an established competitor group in most sports.

Often in sport, including endurance events, age can be barrier to trying new activities and often older people aren’t represented in sports media but Jeri’s drive, passion and love for the outdoors are awesome and definitely show that there needs to be shift.

You can find Caroline’s podcast notes here.

‘A Conversation With Ross Brannigan’ aka @up_to_summit, 14th June 2019

In this blogpost Caroline talks to runner, writer and communicator Ross Brannigan who shares his incredible and honest story of anorexia, self awareness and his relationship with running and exercise addiction. Before starting university Ross developed a passion for running which triggered an obsession over calorie intake, deficits and control.

In this episode he reflects on the impact of anorexia and his relationship to food throughout recovery, especially in regards to maintaining an active lifestyle. This episode covers eating disorders and comparing yourself to other runners which is something that a lot of us can appreciate and often feel ourselves.

You can find out more about Ross and his Up To Summit blog here.

You can find Caroline’s podcast notes here.

Between these three episodes you’ll be able to get a good idea of the subjects covered in Of Mountains and Minds, we hope you check them out. Found a great podcast that’s inspired you to get into the great outdoors? We’d absolutely love to hear about it, just let us know!