Together SWIM: A Beginners Guide To Outdoor Swimming #1

Together SWIM: A Beginners Guide To Outdoor Swimming #1

Hello! Welcome to the first blogpost in Together SWIM: A Beginner’s Guide To Outdoor Swimming.

In this post we talk about a few of our top reasons that you might want to give open water swimming a go. It can be a little bit daunting but with the right preparation, good locations and finding a good community you might just find your new favourite hobby.

Why Go Outdoor Swimming?

Health Benefits

Wild Swimming has seen a huge spike in popularity recently but its not a unjustified fad, it is actually incredibly good for you. There’s a lot of scientific background which outlines the benefits of open water swimming, including boosting your immune system, decreasing symptoms of depression and increasing blood circulation. If you’re interested in more research these sites will be able to help you out:

Swim England, Open Water (

Simply Swim

Wild Swimming

You should also take a look at the Outdoor Swimming Society which is a great resource for exploring the benefits of open water swimming as well as very valuable advice about swimming safely, places to go and social events.

For someone who is a bit/ very body-conscious, there’s also a big mental and self-love benefit. This isn’t a sit by the pool type of party, this is a real sport and anyone and everyone takes part. It’s about testing your body and feeling empowered in it which is a great way to start appreciating the skin you’re in.

Social Swimming

Wild Swimming is a great opportunity to do a fun activity with like minded people. There are over 90 social clubs in the UK that advertise taking new members. You can find a local club using the Outdoor Swimming Society or Wild Swim websites.

A beginners guide to wild swimming, mountain swimming photo

There are also a lot of unofficial groups of swimmers and its a really active community on social media. #wildswimminguk and #sharetheswimlove will let you see the kind of locations, kit and groups for outdoor swimming. Instructors like Wild Swim Snowdonia or Immerse Hebrides can take beginners on a guided intro swim or can take more experienced swimmers to new heights (literally in the mountains).

Do It For The Achievement!

Do it because you can! If you can push your body in a natural environment that makes you feel great, why not?! New experiences are always fun and memorable because they test your brain but outdoor swimming tests your whole body too.

You could aim to swim more often, or increase your confidence in depth. You could aim to complete a triathlon or just go for a quick dip in a plunge pool. There are lots of swim events, swooshes and competitions including the Great North Swim which features a variety of distances from 250m right up to a 10k. Whatever you do make sure its fun and you stay safe.

But how can you find a local swim spot if you’re new to outdoor swimming? Check out the next installment of the Together SWIM beginners guide where we talk about the best ways to discover new places.

Thanks for reading the first part of our Together SWIM beginners guide to outdoor swimming. If you have feedback or suggestions that we’d love to hear from you so get in touch!

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Remember to be safe on your swim. Research the area, take a shore spotting buddy and use floats and kit where needed. Swim to the conditions and your capability, don’t take unnecessary risks.